The well-known Cancun-Tulum tourist corridor and today the Riviera Maya integrated by Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Playa del Carmen and the Sian Ka’an Reserve, represent the bulk of real estate investment as it is a first-rate tourist area in constant growth that has constituted a solid economy, surrounded by natural and historical wonders and with a quality of life that exceeds that of many other cities in Mexico and the world.

The purchase of land invites the construction of developments that seek a return on investment derived from alternative forms, such as rental of vacation homes or traditional and direct for the construction of luxury and eco-sustainable hotels.

What is attractive in Riviera Maya is the diversity of prices that allows everyone to invest in their own home, finding from $ 250 to $ 1,500 per square meter near the beach and having the certainty that it never loses its value, and if it will always generate a cost effectiveness.

Due to this great context and the following five reasons, Riviera Maya is the best option to invest and live in Mexico:

Natural wealth and history

It is considered that there are the best beaches in the world, wonderful cenotes and the Sian Ka reserve, where you can get closer to the Mayan culture and its history. The most famous beaches are those of Tulum, where there is also part of the historical wealth of the Mayans: pyramids, monuments and temples. On the other hand, the best example of natural diversity is the Sian Ka’an or “Puerta al Cielo” reserve, declared as an ecological heritage of humanity.

Growing tourism

More than 15 million tourists visited the Riviera Maya in 2016 with an annual average of 85% tourist occupancy, so Airbnb, homeaway, booking and other rental alternatives for vacation homes are in great demand.

Hotel occupancy in Cancun went from an average of 78.8% in the first half of 2016 to 81.85 percent in 2017; Cozumel achieved a growth of 11.37%, with just over 4 million people arriving via cruise ships and archaeological sites, among which the Tulum archaeological site stands out, received a total of 3 million 413 thousand visitors.

Eco-chic trend in construction

Design and modernity in infrastructure that is combined with a growing trend of eco-sustainable developments for a more natural lifestyle.

Tulum is the best example of this, its strategic location between the beach and the Mayan jungle make this trend a reality, an eco-chic lifestyle where gastronomy, nightlife, shops, art galleries, exhibitions and indigenous products are combined. natives and renowned designers with ancestral tradition and natural biodiversity.

Economic growth

Quintana Roo has an economic growth projection of 4.5 percent and the capital gain in real estate is higher in some cases and has increased by 30% in a year and a half. According to SEDUVI, between 2010 and 2016 in Quintana Roo, 222,342 credits were granted, of which 85.5% correspond to the purchase of new houses or apartments.

It also has a growing road infrastructure, the second most important airport in the country and state-of-the-art technology.

Currency value

The dollar and euro have always been well above the Mexican peso, which makes the market more attractive for North Americans, Canadians and Europeans. This weakness of the Mexican peso is what encourages foreign buyers to invest large sums of money, growing the real estate market in the Mexican Caribbean.