We are a solid Company with a wide experience in Real Estate in the Mayan Riviera and Los Cabos, Mexico; comprised by an interdisciplinary team capable of fully support the developer during the whole construction process of his own Real Estate Project. We are networked with the best companies in the area, providing you with integrated services; including, industrial, commercial and housing maintenance.


Our partners

Axel Gutierrez - permacultor

Axel Gutiérrez

Dunas del Mar Project Manager

Business Administrator with a Masters in Sustainable Development from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and certification in Permaculture Design (PDC) in Australia.

 Professional Training:

  • Winner of 100% Australian Government Scholarship Master of Sustainable Development.
  • Organic Market Director, San José del Cabo (SANJOMO AC).
  • Certificate in Permaculture Design (PDC) with Geoff Lawton, Permaculture Sydney Institute.
  • Training with co-creator Bill Mollison, Tagari Farm, Permaculture Research Institute and with co-creator David Holmgren, Melliodora – Sustainable Living.
  • Director of Public Relations and official narrator of Surfing in Mexico.
  • Musician and drummer.




Andrew Jones

Designer in Environmental Management and Development

Permaculture Designer from Permaculture Research Institute, (PRI) Tyalgum, Australia with Professor Geoff Lawton and diplomas in soil biology and chemistry. 25 years of international experience in emergency response, development and post-conflict rehabilitation; sustainable design work and holistic design based on disciplines of permaculture, industrial ecology and natural capitalism.

Proffesional Training

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Consultant, Environment and Refugee Affairs.
  • Founder of Life Design
  • Co-Founder of Baja BioSana Project
  • Consultant for Olah Design Group, Sedona Arizona, in multipurpose permaculture gardens
  • Leading permaculture educator. Supervision of permaculture and natural construction at the PAITIITI Institute, Mapacho Valley – Peru.
  • Permaculture Project Manager at Valentec Systems Inc.
  • Rudina permaculture and rehabilitation project coordinator at CARE International in Macedonia.




Jessica Suárez Gómez

Marketing and Digital Advertising

Social Communicator – Journalist from the Universidad de la Sabana, Specialist in Multimedia Management at the Universidad Santo Tomás and Master in Marketing and Digital Advertising from the Antonio de Nebrija University, Spain.

Professional Training

  • Digital Marketing Director – Tándem Lab, Colombia.
  • Social Media Director – Arkix Agency.
  • Marketing and Digital Advertising Consultant at Clínica Las Vegas – Colombia.
  • University Professor Diploma in Digital Marketing at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – Colombia.


The best team, making your dreams come true


Valente Salgado Muñoz

Geology and Exploration

IMinor in Geology from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg – Canada, Geologist from the Autonomous University of BCS, Studies in Integral Management of the Oil and Gas Industry and Candidate for an Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Geology and Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri- Kansas City

Professional Training

  • Consulting geologist KORES “Minera y Metalúrgica del Boleo S.A. de C.V. “Santa Rosalía – B.C.S.
  • Senior Geologist Planning Argonaut Gold Inc, Mine El Castillo Mine, Porphyry Deposit of Au-Cu, Mine La Colorada Mine, Epithermal Deposit of Low Sulfation Au-Ag, Mine Batamote Mine and Epithermal Deposit of Low Sulfation – B.C.S.
  • Senior Project Geologist Baja Mining Corporation. “Mining and Metalúrgica del Boleo S.A. de C.V. “Santa Rosalía – B.C.S.





Jaime Carmona Contreras

Ecological pools and sustainable treatment plants

Marine Biology, specialization in Aquaculture, Master of Marine and Coastal Sciences and Doctorate in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources with orientation in Genetic Molecular Biology.

Professional Training

  • Operating Director of Alternative Energy Systems and Environmental Solutions S. A. – C.V
  • Head of the Department of the Environmental Area of Urban Development and Public Works – Michoacán
  • Coordinator in artificial reefs Pura Vida A.C. – Guerrero, B.C.S
  • Head of Department PTARZ Wastewater Treatment Plant. – Michoacán
  • Fishing biology, metabolic fuel and biotechnology work. CIBNOR – La Paz. B.C.S.
  • Environmental Study for the placement of artificial reefs. National Park Bahía de Loreto – B.C.S.






Mauricio Castaño Giraldo

Sustainable architecture

Architect graduated from the National University of Colombia-Manizales, specialized in the construction of sustainable structures with Bamboo and Cemented Bahareque.


  • Architect of the Year by SCANY in 2012, being invited to exhibit his work in New York city, Paris, Milan and Bogotá.
  • Caldense Architecture Award 2012 with the project “Beach club Puntarena” in Panama.
  • CPNAA Medal of Honor for Social Responsibility ”in 2015.
  • In 2015 he started “Espacios de Paz Mx” in Querétaro, adding the HsF methodology.
  • ELaunches Project “Together” in Italy and France, which seeks to involve immigrants and refugees in urban intervention processes with the slogan: “The revolution of good deeds.”.


Arturo Carmona Contreras

Recovery of cenotes and underground water bodies

Graduated in Marine Biology from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur with studies in fisheries and aquaculture management, fisheries and aquaculture inspection and surveillance and supreme quality Mexican consultant.

Proffesional Training

  • Facilitator Aquaculture Product Systems of the State of Michoacán. Sagarpa-Sedru.
  • Extensionist of the Support Program for Small Producers Fiscal Year 2016. Sagarpa-Inca Rural-Sedrua.
  • Head of the Fisheries Department. Sagarpa-Conapesca.
  • Sinaloa Marine Farms. Great Sea in La Paz – B.C.S.
  • Sinaloa Marine Farms. Camarón Sureño in La Paz – B.C.S.


Manuel Barajas

Environmental Permits

Bachelor of Law from the International University of La Paz, B.C.S specialist in Amparo Proceedings and experience in Environmental Law.

Professional Training

  • Legal Advisor of the Federal Procurator for Environmental Protection PROFEPA – B.C.S
  • Lawyer and consultant in environmental matters and tourism development in several States of Mexico.
  • Advisor in the Federal Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare – Delegation B.C.S.




Martín Juárez Peraza

Tax Advice and Planning

Public Accountant and Law Degree from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa with Specialization in Tax Automation, Masters in Tax Law and and Oral Judgments in Criminal Matters and Doctor in Fiscal Sciences.

Professional Training

  • Administrative Director of the Sinaloa Congress.
  • Ex Coordinator of the sub-administration of procedures in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
  • Former president and founder of the Association of Fiscal Professionals and Related Areas of Mazatlan, A.C.
  • National Advisor of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Mexico.
  • Professor of the Module of Fiscal Code in the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and Autonomous University of Durango.


René Salgado Martínez


Electrical Mechanical Engineer of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara

Professional Training

  • Condominios Costa Baja – La Paz, B.C.S.
  • Mega Comercial Mexicana – Los Cabos, B.C.S.
  • Condominios Sayán Beach – Puerto Vallarta
  • Hospital Clinic 34



Carlos Ramos


Industrial Engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey

Professional Training

  • Asset Banking Director at ING Insurance
  • CEO at First Truck.



Rubén Sáez

Marketing Europa

Designer of strategies, services and digital products for Europe. Communication and Strategic Marketing Specialist. Design Thinker expert in digital transformation. Columnist in El País and Letras Libres.

Profesional Training

  • Director of Digital Marketing Spain at Tándem Lab.
  • Partner and Strategic Director of Délire Design Estudio
  • Co Founder & Director of Communication Outfie S.L.
  • Director of the Master in Communication and Fashion IED Madrid, Spain.
  • Critical Thinking teacher at Universidad Antonio Nebrija, Spain.
  • Professor of Digital Narrative at Antonio Nebrija University, Spain.




Héctor Jiménez Mercado

Head Doctor - Travel Buddy

Medical Births Surgeon, graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. Undergraduate Master of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (IMMAE) Guadalajara Jal.

Professional training

  • Doctor in Family Medicine Unit No. 19 IMSS in B.C.S.
  • In charge of the Continuing Medical Care Service in the Family Medicine Unit No. 19 IMSS in B.C.S
  • 16 years of medical experience in Mexico.