We support you throughout the development of your real estate project, land research, building permits, design, sustainable architecture, civil works (engineering), imports and shipping from the USA to Mexico, fiscal strategy, project marketing, sales and closing.

Land Research

We become your specialized agent, portraying different land options, always taking into account the market demand and business feasibility, according to the project´s focus and location.


Building Materials

We are experts in terms of building regulations and the appropriate construction supplies and materials for the area, taking into account the specifications due to weather conditions. We can offer highly competitive prices along with high quality products standars. We supply and distribute inputs and materials for innovative solutions to satisfy any demand in terms of infrastructure for developers – builders.

Materials and supplies certified by national and international organizations: ISO, NOM, ASME, ASTM, API, ANSI, DINI and NACE.

  • Structural Steel of any degree.
  • Seamed or seamless line pipe
  • Steel, iron and bronze valves for fluid control.
  • Bridles and connections for any system.
  • Screws and fittings, industrial fastening and sealing


Legal Consulting

  • Succession Processes through different entities
  • Legal proceedings related to property fraud
  • Land tenure legal proceedings
  • Agricultural Research
  • Legal defense from municipal, police, state or federal authorities.
  • Extortions, fines.
  • Tax proceedings against SHCP (Mexican IRS)
  • Fiscal planning for real estate sales taxation
  • Real estate closings

Fiscal Consulting

We are aware of the fact that in this business model transactions involve high amounts of money, coming from abroad. This is why, anytime you need to buy the fiscal consultant will arrange the best strategy for decision making, related to where and how you should perform your deposits.


Architecture, design and civil works

We count with a wide variety of architects, engineers and designers how work in the greatest Mexican destinations and were hold studies from Mexico and countries such as: The USA, Italy and Spain; they are capable of designing, conceiving and bulging spaces according to every detail suggested by the customer.

  • Architectural design and urban studies, interior design.
  • Pricing study, development and construction budget
  • Interiors, lightning and architectural design
  • Design and gardening architecture
  • Civil works
  • Civil works and construction supervision
  • Heavy machinery

Natural Pools Cenotes Style and Artificial Reefs

We develop natural pool projects, simulating a natural cenote, in different finishes, such as: Stone, granite quarry and wood.

We also design reefs structures taking into account the zones, shape design and the compliance of laws, regulations and environmental requirements for its placement. They can be thematic parks with mazes for scuba diving or representative figures beneath the water, which awesomely fit for hotels, condominiums or projects related to housing clubs.


Sustainable Water Treatment Plants

We design, execute, equip, build, adequate and maintain Sustainable and Residual Treatment Plants in compliance with laws, norms and ecologic requirements for water usage and flushing, NOM 001.

Imports and freights from the United States and Mexico to the project development city (furniture, finishes and freights)

During the process, we acknowledge that the whole Project should be fully furnished. This is why we offer you a furniture package that can be brought from the US or any Mexican city to the development premises.


Solar Energy Plants

We develop photovoltaic solar systems to generate electric energy through solar panels, which have a guaranteed working period of more than 25 years and a lifespan of more than 40 years; allowing you to project an image of a sustainable and social-responsible real estate project.


  • They generate cleaner and cheaper energy than the one coming from CFE.
  • They allow facilities´ thermic isolation, reducing considerably the use of air conditioning.
  • You do not need to disconnect from CFE, thus power supply is guaranteed at all times.
  • Solar panels can be installed on almost any roof.
  • They can be installed on canopies in parking lots, providing a distinctive approach to your company: shadow for customers and employees cars.
  • You can project your future energy budget, which will never be affected by variations in fuel prices.

Construction, density and environmental permits

More than 20 years of experience and collaborative work with government agencies for any type of solution of the following types:

  • Negotiations to reduce property tax payments
  • Construction permits
  • Permissions for business opening
  • Architectural project management
  • Management of topographic projects
  • Permits for water and drainage feasibility
  • Land use feasibility permits
  • Condominium regimes
  • Property appraisals (cadastral, banking)
  • Visas
  • Residences
  • Immigration Regulations
  • Permits for concessions of stone materials
  • Ecology permits
  • Environmental impact and justification permits
  • Environmental impact statement
  • Beach use concessions
  • Permits for flora removal in the premises
  • Procedures for title deed
  • Permissions for stream concessions
  • Permits for well drilling
  • Sale of thousands of water
  • Electricity feasibility
  • Permit for electric posts and transformers.
  • Federal highways access permits
  • Deceleration lanes permits
  • Permits for road marking.