In addition to our services designed for a complete support in the experience of developer projects, we also have other services that might be of your interest such as:

Armed private security

We provide an armed private security service through a team led by former military personnel with high training and experience in the field, all with the aim of providing protection to residences, warehouses, land and buildings through surveillance and/or setup of security systems.


Communications and Technology

We develop wireless networks that allow us to establish a wireless distribution system with several devices grouped in a single network (Gaming consoles, smartphones, computers among other) with a single wireless password; therefore, you can obtain a great WIFI performance without dead zones and it be 10 times faster than regular internet connections with high stability, perfect for custom applications for residential, smart buildings, business and companies.

From the technical point of view it is necessary to integrate two or more devices which allow us to create a stable wireless network, free of errors and interruptions.

High, medium and low voltage setups for industry, business and housing

Experts in engineering and construction of electrical networks in low, medium and high voltage, underground and overhead; industrial electrical installations; infrastructure and housing, in compliance with electrical safety standards and quality standards in terms of the materials used.