For the world it is not a secret the problems of police corruption or of shops and hotels in the tourist centers of Mexico, where cases of extortion or virtual kidnappings are often heard. Likewise, when we travel we want to enjoy our vacations to the fullest and even if we do it with international health insurance, the small annoyances that we are not prepared for, we want to tell a quick ally without having to go to hospitals and waste part of our time.

For these reasons, Cabo BDS offers you a service that thinks about the possibility of your trips with a friend that provides you with security in all the daily aspects that you may face during your time of enjoyment. It is a service policy designed just for you that, through a mobile app, allows you to alert, sharing your geolocation, in a situation of danger or extortion and receive immediate help from experts via chat.

Travel Buddy is a policy, contracted for monthly periods, that groups these three categories: medical service, legal service and property maintenance service. Additionally, as an added value within the application, you can recoup your investment through promotions in bars, restaurants, entertainment centers and affiliated businesses.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to the resident and local or foreign traveler, integrating non-hospital medical assistance, immigration and consumer legal advice, security to avoid police extortion and well-being for the enjoyment of tourist centers around Mexico, such as Baja California Sur and the Riviera Maya.