Because we know that your goal is to have a professional, qualified, experienced and quality digital marketing and advertising service capable of addressing the correct communication of housing development projects, and thus never again leave the reputation of your brand in the hands from an amateur or a novice who could put the profitability of your business at risk.

Our knowledge of the Mexican market, as well as the needs of a professional approach in the configuration of a competitive real estate offer with the capacity to impact in foreign markets, led us to contact experts in the configuration of campaigns and digital strategies for the commercialization of services, properties, lots and developments in international markets.

Therefore, in order to offer this comprehensive service and aware of the needs of the Real Estate market in general, and in particular of the service offer in the Riviera Maya area, we integrate a team of marketing professionals into our project : Tándem Lab, a digital marketing laboratory with offices in Spain and Colombia and now landing in Mexico with Cabo BDS.

Today Cabo BDS has an Inbound Marketing strategy for the Real Estate sector and from its special focus on a social media strategy with valuable content, a positioned website focused on the sale and promotion of properties and real estate services and design and periodic monitoring of advertising campaigns on digital channels ensures a timely return on investment, contributing to the loyalty of investors in the two major tourist centers in Mexico: Riviera Maya and Baja California Sur.

Likewise, this alliance allows us to offer, from Mexico, all the services and developments that the growing importance of digital requires to companies and institutions, betting on the creation of value through non-intrusive strategies adapted to new spaces for conversation and purchase. digital to attract, involve and fall in love with customers in any sector: a 360 digital Marketing offer.