Cabo BDS Projects are unique!

Sustainable developments based on permaculture

It is a conscious design method that harmoniously integrates ecological architecture with organic farming systems to achieve abundance and long-term permanence.

Settlements capable of producing to satisfy their needs, without exploiting resources or polluting, that is, sustainable in the long term.

Ecologically healthy spaces.
Economically viable spaces.
Spaces that meet our needs.
Spaces that do not use harmful people, land or resources.
Spaces that do not pollute the environment.
Spaces that are sustainable in the long term.

A sustainable community is an ecologically, economically and socio-culturally healthy community through the management of its natural, financial and human resources to satisfy current needs while guaranteeing availability of resources for future generations.

By deciding to buy here, you are giving a yes to the earth, yourself, your family, your friends and future generations!