We provide peace of mind to the residents along with local and foreign travelers, integrating non-hospital medical assistance, immigration and consumer legal advice, security to avoid police extortion and well-being for the enjoyment of tourist centers around Mexico, such as Baja California Sur and the Mayan Riviera

It is a service policy, contracted for monthly periods, which includes the following three categories:

Medical service insurance for non-hospital emergencies and home pharmacy service with competitive prices through pharmaceutical partners.
Note: Additional hospital service is available through a third party insurance, which can be sold through our advisor.

Legal advice on the following topics:

  • Consular / Migratory: Immigration consultancies for foreigners who want to work, open businesses, etc.
  • Consumer Products: Any type of fraud or “tranza (scam)” from shops or local establishments.
  • Government: Legal and accounting advice on general issues related to the Mexican system.

Upon acquiring the service insurance, the user has access to an application where you will find the services described above, as well as a panic button that when pressed will give us your satellite location, thus avoiding police extortion or from restaurants or entertainment establishments.

What to do if a police officer detains you without any valid reason? Meaning, you haven´t done anything incriminating. After pressing the button, take note of the patrol or police number and send it to us through the application chat. We will contact the sector supervisors where you were arrested and provide the necessary assistance for your case.

How does this alternative promotional notifications work? Approximately, every hour, members will be receiving information about the bar or restaurant that has some type of discount along with which will be displayed on the city map of the city, indicating the current location of the enjoyment place.