It is increasingly the impact of audiovisual consumption in digital that it is said that in 2019 80% of Internet traffic will be video. Having a clear strategy, telling a story that engages from the heart and highlighting brand values ​​are the foundations of good video branding.

Almost all social networks are developing under this format, especially for live video. Facebook and Instagram stories or Snapchat are an excellent example of this.

Video branding is then transferring all the strength of the construction of a brand to video, taking into account all the elements: its graphic image, its mission, its vision and its values.

It is to make your brand visible through a story capable of connecting with the public and that is aligned with the values ​​that you want to transmit.

For this, it is not worth just wanting to do it, you must support yourself from a professional team that guides you through a communication strategy that takes into account the following points:

  1. Conceptualize everything you want to tell in an essence, in a concept.
  2. Define your audience and the communication channel where it is.
  3. An assertive pre-production for an optimal post-production and final result.